Atelier Ralf Schmerberg
Schlesische Str. 38 (3. HH)
10997 Berlin
+49 (0) 30 81708888

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Self-taught filmmaker and artist Ralf Schmerberg manifested an unconventional stance from a young age and has since consistently always gone his own way. Schmerberg dropped out of school at 17 to live at the Indian philosopher Bhagwan’s ashram in Poona (India) and Oregon for five years. Since then, he has been chronicling his encounters with the world around him with an incisive and candid gaze through photography and film. His photography, films and multifaceted live art projects offer unexpected portraits of the zeitgeist, while the personal photo diary he has been keeping for the past two decades constitutes an evolving autobiographical record.

In 2008, Schmerberg founded the art collective Mindpirates, who, with their active presence and community-oriented projects, have become a staple in the cultural life of Berlin. Over the course of his career, Schmerberg has increasingly invested his creative enthusiasm into mobilizing large groups of people into modern forms of participatory art events that combine social exchange and action. Projects like dropping knowledge or The Table of Free Voices, or films like Problema or Poem for instance all opened up a large-scale dialogue and sustained reflection.